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the one who will save you
Otherwise known as Saviour, they might be an angry person most of the time but they are a firm believer of justice and will protect others when needed.
Also I completely complicated their design just to make myself suffer :')

Saviour belongs to me
some gals
Thing from 2 weeks ago

All of these gals belong to me
el fuego que quema tu piel
La reina de la sangre marcha, asegúrate de salir de su camino

The Blood Queen belongs to me
Kennedy Dixon- the second oldest in a set of quadruplets, she hates her sisters so much??

Kerenza Dixon- the youngest in a set of quadruplets, she's planning the murders of her sisters tbh

Kimmy Abney- A naive rich girl, who gets involved with a very harmful cult, she's in way over her head, she's very outspoken and cheery but as she keeps witnessing brutal events she starts to lose her sanity. a bit spoiled but tries to be as kind as she can be.

Konstantin Fear- Arkady's and Vicki's really gross brother, he's very nasty

Kyung Song- a drug addict with the ability to read minds

Lalla Prince- an actress with a terrible secret

Lally Church- A cheerleader who messes with things she shouldn't be messing with

Lana Clark- an angel who genuinely wants to help people, she's very kind

Leo Gaulsen- a neglected kid, he along with Abby don't make it out alive

Lesley Queen- a backalley doctor, he's only trying to help

Lexus Doreen Bellamy- a woman who just wants to see the world burn

Lies Bleier- a dead girl looking for her parents, question is are they even alive at this point?

Lilia Ventura- a sad woman who decides to join Lexus in her quest to destroy everything

Lilith Blanco- a woman brought back to life, currently looking for the one who brought her back

Lindsey Atkins- a lazy woman who has the ability to change the laws of physics, though she never really use her ability and finds it more annoying than anything

Lucifer Guerrero- a really weird guy, he is a coincidence magnet and strange things just seem to happen to him. Not to mention that he's constantly angry at the world

Lydia Chavez- a very sad woman, she had a miscarriage and then her husband died not too long after. To say she is not okay is an understatement

Mackenzie Solomon- a self obsessed cheerleader, she gets into trouble with her two girlfriends Lally and Isabella

Magdalena Jinks- a vengeful girl who seems to have just disappeared one day

Mahlah- An angel trapped as a cult's sort of pet???servant??? Is very despondent and lonely, doesn't remember their own name. Is very beautiful and subservient, has no will of their own

Malakai Horn- an artificially made demon

Mali Atitarn- A killer nurse who's only interest is the death of her "patients", she wonders around and torments/kills anyone unlucky enough to come across her. She's covered in bandages and is a demon

Marcel Aue- a trapped angel who wants to be set free

Marcial Santillian- a man who appeared on the beach one day, no one seems to know who or what he is and he doesn't seem to know either

Maria Borisov- she's a very happy lady, something's off though...she works for Anatoly

Marrilyn Dixon- the second youngest in a set of quadruplets, she's very mean and nasty

Marshal Gore- A strange humanoid being that resides in the dimension Elke is trapped in. He's hollow and when he "speaks" it's sounds like staticy, distorted gibberish

Martyna Slaski- a witch with delusions of grandeur, she's motherly but still really offputting

Maxwell Bishop- detective who's trying to avenge his dead brother

Memphis Nowell- promiscuous med student, he's also a jerk

Micaiah Dean- an angry abomination, who is filled with insects

Mickey Zavala- A demon who only wants the best for everyone, she desperately wants people to know she's a good person

Monika Čížik- A little girl being hunted down by her demon brother after he killed their parents and two other siblings. She carries around an axe given to her by her big sister to protect herself. She now has to keep running and never stop

Monroe Abasolo- a priest, he's a disgrace to the church and does he care? not really. he cries blood

Morgan Grey- an angel who joined anastasiya's cult

Morgana Hurst- strange immortal girl who seems to be able to see peoples souls

Moriah Årud- a ghost that haunts uzziel's motel, nicknamed the lady in white

Muñeca- brought to life by a ritual involving a needle and thread, shes creepy

Najika Sastre- your friendly neighborhood demon

Narelle Spencer- A very tired highschooler, who gets involved with some shitty people and starts their downfall into drugs, money, and sex. Their life basically just spirals out of control and sooner or later they're gonna crack

Natalya Bates- Natasha's twin sister, they were stitched together for an experiment, she's very upset

Natasha Bates- Natalya's twin sister, she not happy about their situation either

Neemias- A summoned elohim with strange intentions, not necessarily bad just...weird

Ness Pope- A jolly time traveler with a love of plants

Nevada Sutton- a friendly angel with a strange ability to control smoke

Nikita Angelov- makes snuff videos with his friend, Siarhei, he's truly deplorable

Nohemi Lobo- A widow who is looking for the person who killed her husband, very vindictive and envious. husband was a douchbag and a player, she's an all around angry bitter woman

Norma Eldred- the classiest vampire you'll ever meet

Odalis Tran- a cop with an obsession of justice, she hates everyone

Olimpia Viva- a silent woman able to talk to the dead

Olyvia Steffen- a calm nurse who is haunted by the spirit of her father, who she murdered

Penny Hopper- kid who investigates the supernatural, one day it'll come back to haunt her

Petra Benson- The leader of an all female cult, she's strange to say the least. She hides her true demeanor behind a gentle, soft one. do not trust her

Piri Lovász- able to take monstrous amounts of damage and enjoy it

Posy Palmer- local goth girl

Rachel Holt- rotten girl. she's rotten to the core one day she'll get what's coming to her

Ragna Hall- a vain demon who runs a flower shop

Ramona Iliescu- A woman that's possessed by a ghost? They are very charming and bitchy, they are very untrustworthy and spiteful, garbage person, the vessels original conscience has been snuffed out by the ghost

Reed Blakeslee- He's very stoic and can come off as mean but is just really socially awkward, he takes his job very seriously and basically doesn't care that it's very dangerous. He works for Anatoly

Rein Mein- A man with a crush on a serial killer, he sorta wants to be killed by them??? He's...strange, he knows who the person is and is always trying to get near them in any way possible

Reshmi Gadhavi- A skater girl, who seems to be addicted to human blood. She is a vampire. Trying to get through her addiction by feeding off animals...its not working


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United States
I'm ruby and welcome to hell. I love ocs, gore, and horror cliches

fun fact I create new ocs every other day which is why I have so many


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stfyis Featured By Owner 3 days ago
your art is aestheitc GOOD SHIT 

keep up the good work : D
angelvomit666 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Aaaaaaahhhhjkkj Thank you!!!! :'D
TakuOKI Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanking ya for the Watch, dear!
It means a lot!
SiwySzczur Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017
Nice gallery:)
angelvomit666 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017
Thank you! ^^
SiwySzczur Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017
No problem, I like good art:) I invite you to my gallery:)If you like my work, watch me :)
Handleman87 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017  Student Artist
Hey there^w^. I was browsing through your gallery, which is just simply awesome and gorgeous by the way, and I got a little curious, what is it about religious imagery that attracts and inspires you? 
angelvomit666 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017
I don't really know, I just really love the feeling it gives off!
Handleman87 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017  Student Artist
It's understandable^w^. I'm kinda the same way to when it comes to that type of stuff.

Also, which religious imagery would you say is your favorite to take inspiration from: the Western, Eastern, or both?
angelvomit666 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017
I take inspiration from western religious imagery!
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